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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Resolution!

It's not too late to decide to educate your child at home. In fact, the holiday season is a good time to make a transition. Most schools won't start until January 8th, so you have a week to get on-line and do a little checking around.

It's my guess that more homeschooling moms read this blog than homeschooling dads, that's because there are more homeschooing moms than homeschooling dads. But I really want to encourage the dads to get active in the homeschooling of their family.

The HSLDA weekly address last week featured Scott Somerville, who started a new ministry called the K-dad network. If I ever grow up and leave public education, I want to do what he's doing...that is, to empower dads to actively disciple their families. Of course Scott's 6 kids are grown now, and my five are still 8 and younger. I'll be in the "discipling and engaging my family" stage for a few years.

In an article from the HSLDA website the following is said about Scott:

Having homeschooled all six of their children, Scott and his wife, Marcia, are now pouring more of their time and energy into ministering in other ways to homeschooling parents. “When I got to HSLDA, I thought the biggest threat was the truant officer,” says Scott. “We moved into a new phase where the biggest threat was the social worker . . . I am genuinely convinced that the biggest threat today is the disengaged dad.”

Beginning this fall, Scott and Marcia will be offering five weekend and one-day seminars for couples, moms, dads, and single adults. “I've had 20 years to make all the mistakes I can think of as a homeschool dad,” laughs Scott. Now he will have the opportunity to help others learn those lessons through a special weekend session for homeschool dads called “Principles for Principals.” The session will encourage fathers with biblical insights and practical tips for becoming stronger leaders of their families

I would like to attend one of those seminars and will if they ever make it out my way I will, but in the meantime I'll listen to the CD's and post a review at a later date. If you don't want to wait either you can purchase them here.

There. I've actually made a post in December, and hopefully encouraged someone to make the plunge into the world of home-education and family discipleship.

Remember to "Consider the End", that being, "Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever". Making a decision to educate and disciple your children at home this year would be a great resolution toward that end indeed!


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