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Monday, May 29, 2006

So why are you a public school principal?

Good question! All I can say is that if I had to do it over again....well, I wouldn't. But that isn't really the point because God is indeed sovereign over the lives of men. I believe that my experiences are part of the weave of the fabric of my life as God has ordained. Part of a tapestry of grace (guess which history curriculum we use :-)

So how do I reconcile what I am doing as a profession with my personal convictions? I reconcile it by applying my training to a system of education that dominates this country. As an administrator I have a fiduciary responsibility to the community and school board I serve. I am charged with providing the best educational experience that the faculty and staff at my school can provide to the children that attend. It is kind of like being a musical conductor, but everyone marches at a slightly different beat. Nevertheless, I have to keep things moving. It is time consuming, physically and emotionally draining, but it does have its rewards as you see various successes occur as a result of your efforts from an organizational point of view.

The part that is difficult (if not impossible) to reconcile is this: how do I enforce the breaking of the first commandment on a daily basis? "You shall have no other god before Me" becomes "You shall serve any god save the Lord God". Sure there are "student led" exhibitions of Christianity, but the faculty and staff need to keep a great distance by law. Obviously this distance varies from school to school/community to community, nevertheless the fact remains, with the current interpretations of the separation of church and state, to cross the line is to break the law. And for what? To have equal access to children of all parents for a Christian agenda that the pagan has for his secular agenda? No. I don't think so. That's fighting the battle on the terms of the enemy, so to speak. I won't go there in an overt manner personally. I believe strongly in the sovereignty of the family, and would resist the influence of anyone over my family without my consent. Hence I homeschool to prevent that from happening

That said, it is still a missionfield. It must be approached though as a missionary approaches a new setting. Light shining, Fruit of the Spirit exhibited, Christ glorified in our work, speech, actions, and the gospel shared with great wisdom and understanding as opportunity presents itself, so that the goodness of God is demonstrated through us. I come from a reformed perspective so that when the Bible says we are "dead" in our sins, I believe it means "Lazarus" dead, and only Christ could call him forth. So if Christ in us, the hope of glory, happens to call someone forth when we're around, to Him be the glory all the more.

I have shared my faith and prayed with Christian staff members at school and it is not a secret that I am a Christian. Christian parents expressed gratitude at counsel I give in various situations because they recognize the Biblical wisdom in it. It is my belief though that a reformation of education is necessary, but it must start at home, with the family, and in the church.

Well intentioned organizations like Gateways to Better Education are doing their best to keep Judeo-Christian values from perishing from the public education venue. I have used their materials. I cannot fault them completely in their efforts, though I would still strongly encourage Christian parents to remove their children from the public schools.

So here I am, well trained in running a public education institution and do so with Judeo-Christian values and blogging about taking one's Christian students out. I will continue in what I am doing, though my plans are to bring about a personal change. If and when the opportunity arises I am determined to go to seminary in pursuit of a Master of Divinity degree and a pastorate. A few have emailed me and encouraged me to stay because of a positive influence I might have on the school I serve, but God has been pulling me in this direction for a couple years now. He knows who the next principal at my school will be already, good or bad, He is in control. I need to follow the calling He has placed on my life.

On another note, I have completed a batch of questions for David Boskovic's website Onewaypurpose which he will be posting near the end of the week. His current interview/remarks on mathematics and a Christian world view is very good. It's worth a look.


  • "It is my belief though that a reformation of education is necessary, but it must start at home, with the family, and in the church."

    I agree, Bill. Too many parents have given over too much responsiblity (IMO) to too many people. Whew! That's a lot of *too's*! Somewhere along the way parents have gotten the idea that it is someone elses job to teach their children about their faith, what is right and wrong, what is truth and what is not. They have come to believe that "that's just the way teenagers are" and "there's nothing I can do about it". They view themselves as helpless victims in a society they have helped to create by shirking their responsibilities.

    "I need to follow the calling He has placed on my life."

    I agree. If this is where you know God is calling you then that is where you need to go! Dh is currently in the ministry (has been a pastor for 14 years) and is feeling that God is calling him to leave that position. He feels called to continue serving the Lord as a lay minister. Right now life is up in the air and we will see where His road takes us. On one hand it's kind of exciting but on the other - nerve-wracking ;o}

    By Blogger hs'ing mom of two, at Tuesday, May 30, 2006 9:08:00 AM  

  • Here's to transition and God's sufficient grace for the moment!


    By Blogger The Principal, at Tuesday, May 30, 2006 9:34:00 AM  

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